Civil Litigation

Disagreements happen.  If the parties to a dispute cannot reach a mutually agreeable solution, then they may have to turn to the courts for help resolving their disagreement. Civil litigation can be used to resolve all sorts of conflicts, from personal injury cases to contract disputes, from disagreements between neighbors to business disputes.

But don't head to court on your own. Whether you're an individual or a small business, defendant or plaintiff, you need the advice and guidance of a litigator who has experience with all aspects of civil litigation. Your attorney can prepare and file the lawsuit while continuing to try to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. If the disagreement can't be resolved amicably, your lawyer can work with you to develop a strategy, represent you in court and advocate on your behalf during the civil trial.

Our firm represents individuals, businesses, cooperatives, school districts, municipalities and other entities in civil actions in Wisconsin's trial courts, appellate courts and federal courts. We also regularly represent clients in administrative proceedings before state and federal agencies.

Our litigation philosophy is clear. We thoroughly prepare cases for successful results at trial without losing sight of alternative resolutions that achieve desired results. We listen to our clients as well as advise them and craft strategies for ultimate success based on the clients’ goals and priorities. We use leading technology to advocate effectively with judges, modern juries, and other lawyers in an increasingly complex adversarial system.

Some firms rarely litigate cases. At Richter & Phillips our team includes lawyers with extensive litigation experience. We represent Wisconsin businesses in litigation ranging from basic contract and property disputes to collection matters to complex product liability and class action claims.  Our strong litigation background, paired with our extensive subject matter experience, enables us to effectively handle matters such as the following: 

Commercial and Business Litigation:  We partner with our business and individual clients to achieve practical resolution to complex commercial disputes. We have a boutique style litigation team designed to achieve those goals with minimal impact on business activities. When appropriate, we leverage our firm’s diverse capabilities to provide cross-discipline service to our clients. Our representation includes hospitals, banks, government entities, and many small businesses and individuals.   

Family Law:  Family law is also a critical part of our practice.  We understand how important these cases truly are, and we stand with you through complicated separation and divorce proceedings and issues surrounding placement and the division of assets.  With our courtroom experience and solid negotiation skills, we pay careful attention to your objectives at every turn in the process.

Professional Licensure Disputes:  At Richter & Philips, we understand how important it is for professionals to maintain their reputation and livelihood when something goes wrong.  Sometimes, licensing agencies go too far or make simple mistakes.  Whether you are a doctor, nurse, attorney or other licensed professional, we can help you make objective decisions that are based on actual facts and, where necessary, we stand ready to fight for your interests.

Local Counsel Work:  Sometimes, it is difficult to litigate in someone else’s back yard.  If you have a case venued in state or federal court anywhere in Wisconsin, we are here to help.  We are familiar with local practice expectations and personalities, and proficient in the procedures that apply in our courts.  With a local presence such as ours, you can equalize the disadvantage that comes from playing in opposing party’s home turf.

Addressing potential litigation issues early can often prevent problems from getting out of hand and reduce your overall legal fees. Our legal team can help you identify solutions to any challenges you may be facing. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

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